Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

Anna had a well-checkup today at the pediatrician's office. One of the screenings included hearing. She passed with flying colors. Obviously, as any mother would tell you, that they neglected to test the more important factor: listening.

At lunch today, I mentioned that she still hadn't eaten the pears I bought specially for her. "Oh, I didn't know they were in there, " she said. Don't you remember, I pressed her, when I was unloading groceries and I told you about the pears? "I thought you were talking about socks," she replied. Now, generally, I don't store sock in the refrigerator, though I probably have absent-mindedly put strange things in there occasionally. This time, however, my Alzheimer's was in remission and I was focused.

The doctor's office also required me to sign the HIPAA papers again for the five billionth time. I think, had I ever actually read it, I would have it memorized by now. Maybe I could come up with a form like that for the kids, and after asking or telling them something, I could get them to sign off on it, swearing they knew what I just said and will comply. I have a feeling that even so, we'll end up with squishy pears in the fruit drawer and me skaking my head as I throw them in the chicken food.

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