Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bah Humbug

We've now entered the season of my discontent - Christmas. This is the season that everyone is supposed to be cheery and full of goodwill. I try, truly. But our society makes the season less than the religious holiday it is supposed to be.

The buying begins earlier and earlier every year. I hold to my guns and refuse to buy or enter into the Christmas fray until at least the turkey carcass is in the trash from Thanksgiving. But, now that is over, and the leftovers devoured, I have no excuses. I must begin.

Granted, it is a little easier these days. Lists are made by everyone, complete with internet links, and there is no need to think about Christmas presents, just pay for them. With free shipping everywhere, I can at least stay out of the stores.

My kids know not to desire the latest tickle-me-whatever or new WAAAAAH (Wii) that requires standing in the cold outside the doors of a store that has 2 of them, because there is no thing that would compel me to do so. Perhaps, somewhere deep down, I can, like the Grinch, find a little Christmas spirit.

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Mary said...

I get Alan, our teen, to make me a list, complete with Web site or catalog where the item can be obtained. This list is for everyone who buys for him. His birthday is right after Christmas so we need ideas. It sure has helped with not being in stores. Also, I will give my sister and bil a gift card for a restaurant where they are staying in Arizona. No hassle there. I keep the traditions I like about the season and leave the rest. Now where did I learn that?


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