Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Contribution

When I die, they will most likely say, "She didn't accomplish all that much but she did get some people blogging!"

Please visit and encourage two friends of mine new to blogging:

In the Good Shepherd's Care, Christine who always makes me laugh
Loving and Learning , Mary, who shares her life in California with her husband and an autistic child


mcewen said...

I can think of worse things to have on my gravestone! I nip on over and take a peek.
Best wishes

pita-woman said...

Ah yes, I do believe it was you who introduced me to blogging... and look at the monster you've created!!!

Camflock said...

For those who don't have the benefit of living close to you, they need to know that bloggin is one of your many talents. Parenting, teaching, sharing your passion and love for animals, gardening, being a wonderful neighbor and fantastic friend are some of the many gifts you share with others. I suggest saving up for the tombstone is going to be a big one to hold all the accolades on it!


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