Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Campers braved the chilly weather to be the first to own a PlayStation 3. We're not talking communing with nature camping. This was side of the road city and parking lot camping. Whether for profit or the pure joy of owning the latest system, these people were truly dedicated to the cause. Here in KY, one lucky camper set his tent on fire with his butane cookstove.

This obsession with an entertainment device and the lengths to which people are willing to go to get one must not read well in international newspapers. It almost took the chill out of my blood from hearing the word draft on the radio the other day. Perhaps these young people do need to get a life.

Perhaps the Playstation should be secretly designed to educate. To move on to the next level, you have to complete the following Calculus problem. Maybe we could hook it through the internet to generate electricity from the movement of so many fingers on the controls.

Better yet, the Playstation could end the war in Iraq. Yes, you heard me right. The war is costing this country billions. It would be less costly, in dollars and lives, to buy EVERY household in Iraq a TV, a satellite dish (for around the clock sports) and a Playstation 3 with games. The result would be that every man and young boy in the country would not emerge for weeks, maybe months from their homes. Just like in America, they would become inert, addicted to an alternate reality. We could ship in junk food for their favorite soccer game, inducing the fast food brain coma.

Truly though, what does it say about our culture that we're not on fire for causes, but we're willling to set our tent on fire in the attempt to be the first to own a game?

Now, I have to go get Wm off our inadequate PS2 where he's playing Lego StarWars, and try to feed him breakfast.

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Camflock said...

Just wondering if you have written your local congressman about your ideas for ending the war in Iraq. It has awesome ramifications for a speedy cheap end to the war. It is a must send! What you will find the most fascinating is that your letter has to be answered because you are a voter. The procedure for getting answers in Washington DC is to send it to the appropriate government agency to get the answer. Once the answer is returned, then the congressman writes you back. Your letter would be buckets of laughs and smiles to exhausted workers in the depths of the walls of the Pentagon in Washington DC. It would be reproduced, pinned up on wall dividers that double as office walls, and shared at all levels of government. Yep. You need to send your idea to Washington.


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