Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To Do

It would be nice if my absence from my blog indicated that I was sitting beside a pool in the Caribbean sipping a piña colada. In reality, it indicates the number of scheduled activities and the length of my “to do” list.

I sat down this morning to make a list (something I *rarely do) of all the things that I would like to accomplish in no particular order. I’m up to 43 lines so far, 44 if you count writing for my blog. 45. Color my hair.

The day also started off with a deficit. Wm. cried in his sleep last night for no apparent reason. Now, given that he hadn’t had much quality sleep, one would have thought that nothing short of an explosion would wake him this morning. Au contraire, he was like a rooster crowing at the crack of sunlight. And he wanted me to play. 46. Fix Wm’s computer.

I hadn’t yet found the coffee pot, nor let the dogs out to do their business when he already had the PlayStation going and begging me to join him. He sat yelling for me, wearing only his underwear and his new black cowboy boots. In addition to his apparent neediness today, Lauren is preparing for a recital and is playing (loudly) all morning. 47. Buy Lauren’s recital dress.

Thus far this morning, I’ve managed to review Biology and make up the test for the girls. I’ve fed the dogs, and made lunch. That’s it. I feel like I work and work, and accomplish little. 48. Give Paris (dog) bath ‘cause she seems to have that fungus thing again.

So, now we are off to a special piano class in preparation for the recital and my list waits. 49. VOTE

*I am an ENFP, and as a P, I have lots of grand ideas but don’t always accomplish those ideas. What are you?


Mary said...

I'm sure you've heard it all about delegating, putting numbers beside the items in your list prioritizing and also not beating yourself up too much if something doesn't get done. One thing you might do is request an absentee ballot next time around. I am a permanent absentee voter. This allows me to go over the propositions and obscure races ten days or a week before election day and mark my ballot with deliberation. Another thing that has helped me is to put "must do" items on the calendar ahead of their due date, giving me breathing room. Have fun shopping for that recital dress!

pita-woman said...

And suddenly, a light went on in my head...
I was reading my cousin's blog, and she mentioned the Flylady site. I admit ignorance... up until now, whenever I you mentioned Flylady in one of your blogs, I thought perhaps that was your "alter ego".
Now I know!

Camflock said...

Now, I am impressed that that early in the day you were into the forties on your to do list. Before noon I am in denial and afternoon I am so apathetic that it really isn't until eveing that I start my list. This insures that it doesn't get much past 20. Then the next day, I forget where I placed the ever important list and and the cycle begins again. I find this a very effective way of procastination. Finally, I get so overwhelemed I call my mom crying and she comes to my aid working me like a dog the entire visit. Finally, I am good for another 3 months until I start making my nightly lists again. Just wondering, doesn't fix the computer for the 4 year old move to the top of the list while attempting to school, cook, clean and care for .....5 horses, 3 dogs, 2 birds, 8+3=11 chickens?


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