Sunday, November 19, 2006

Keeping Up

"How do you know they're keeping up?" I'm often asked when my secret identity, Mom Homeschooler, is discovered. Just as often, I hear a worried homeschooler wondering if their own students are "keeping up".

Today at Church, the priest's words flowed over me, humorous and interesting, yet not so important. Then, I heard, like words in bold red:

God doesn't measure us against each other. He measures each life, each person. And the measure he uses is vertical and horizontal. He measures with a Cross.

So if you have children homeschooling, or even kids in school, consider this measuring tool before wondering if your child is "keeping up".

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george Matthai said...

From what I have observed it's the kids in the public school system who are not keeping up! I continually read that the scores from the annual tests they take are lower each year, There seems to be more criminal problems in the schools and the dress code is a joke as each student attempts to look more ridiculus than the other. Write a blog on this. Dad


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