Sunday, November 12, 2006

She Gets it All

During a playdate with his best friend, William found a photo of his grandparents. Aidan had lost a grandparent earlier in the year, and somehow, it figures into conversations often as they try to understand and make sense of his death.
"This is my grandpa," William said, pointing to the male figure. "I have other grandpas, and if they died, like yours, I'd still have this one." He paused. "But what if this one died, too?"
Aidan looked down at the photograph and pointed to the grandma. "Then she," he said knowingly, "would get the house and everything in it."
William nodded and they moved on to play with their toys, the complexities of the world figured out for now.


George said...

This is hillarious!! You have to send it to Readers Digest, Reminisce Magazine would also publish it. Let me know if you don't then I will Dad

pita-woman said...

I found it hysterical too... and maybe more so since I work in a funeral home.

Camflock said...

Although I am biased because one of those precious blonds is mine, I too think it is Reader's Digest quality (if not better)! I encourage you to enter it. --Christine


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