Friday, November 10, 2006

Lost in Translation

I heard gales of loud laughter coming from the computer room. Lauren and Anna were doubled over, laughing. They had been discussing for a long time a new name for Anna's horse, which came with the name "Nikki". Wanting a sporty name that would mean something for Mounted Games, they were looking up translations in other languages for the word "speed".

To discover what tickled their funny bone, go to and translate the word "speed" from English to Norwegian.

My entry in the "Name that Horse" contest is Nike, as in the sports equipment/shoes, because:
  • In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory
  • She can easily get tshirts with her horse's name on them
  • And, it's not too different from Nikki, making a great transition for the horse, though we're told she's not been Nikki long. Wonder what she was before?

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Camflock said...

Now since I have the benefit of knowing what the "translation" is, I will encourage anyone with 8 year old boys to take a moment and check out the translation. It is sure to get some giggles. Hey, I am a thirty-something mom and I giggled too! --Christine


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