Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Creative Movement

This is Suzuki Piano Institute Week, something Lauren looks forward to all year. It is her well-earned reward for a year of diligent practice. For me, it is a twice a day 60 mile round trip to a local university. This year, William is taking one class as a "carrot" to the joys of taking piano lessons. It is his first formal class of any kind, and here is an example of what they did:

The man laying on the ground surrounded by munchkins is Mr. Krigger, the teacher of Creative Movement. William is the boy in the black shirt. After class, Wm. teared up, rubbing his eyes, wondering why HE wasn't going to any more classes with the other kids. I think it's working.

Later, I told him that Mr. Krigger taught and played the cello.
"Do you know anyone else that plays the cello?" he asked.
"Well, I do know of Yo-Yo Ma."
"Do you think that he......" Wm. paused. I'm expecting him to ask if Yo-Yo Ma plays as well as Mr. K. but instead I hear "....tells jokes as well as Mr. Krigger?"

Later in the evening, Wm asked me if I had Mr. Krigger's phone number. He wanted to call him to let him know that he was coming the next day, and not to start class without him. Unfortunately, I told Wm, Mr. Krigger has a secret number (wink).

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whitetr6 said...

and i had to memorize Beethoven sonatas. Man I grew up in the wrong era :-)


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