Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kentucky Kingdom June 1, 2007

Yesterday was Homeschool Day at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. William found his dream ride. As I sat as passenger of or watching kiddie rides, Lauren and Anna went on the wildest rollercoasters.

Then, we went on all the water rides. I've never been drenched like that in my life. The day was a blast but we've all agreed (except for William who wants to know when we are going again) that once a year to this park is more than enough. There is just too much blacktop, noise, people, and overall activity for us country folk. And it wasn't even peak season! It was fun though, and the rides are amazing technology.

The thing that bites my butt is how such a place can justify literally robbing people. How do you justify charging $3.50 for a 20 cent bottle of water? Or $4.50 for a hot pretzel, $5.00 for a 99 cent Icee? How about $6.99 for a hot dog, bag of chips and small drink kids' meal? I don't mind paying a surcharge for being at the park, but this is just robbery. I guess I'm just a miser. We managed with smuggled in water bottles and food we tail-gated in the parking lot.


pita-woman said...

My kind of woman!
I agree, it's highway robbery, & as a result, we "smuggle" food/drink into sporting events, movies, amusement parks, whenever we can get by with it. I hate to be that way, but it's typically the only way we could afford to enjoy these places.

blue thistle books said...

Hey Lady!

I guess I'm a miser too because that is insane. I have a problem with the cost of pop corn at the theatre, but those prices are just ridiculous!



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