Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update on Maggie's Foal

Given that sleeping in a barn on a cot with the flies is not my idea of a good night's rest, I was relieved to find the foal nursing on it's own at noon today. Though she still needs careful watching, I think she'll make it. Our all night vigil, milking the mare every hour and feeding it to the foal with a medicine dropper, has cured me of wanting to do this again, great experience though it was.

We've discovered her name. While speaking to the owner, I mentioned that compared to last year's foal, this one was "Dumber-Than-Rocks". She laughed and suggested "Roxie". Later, I mentioned it to the daughters who'd come up with the same name independently. Weird, huh? So, until she goes to her forever owner, she's Roxie. She's incredibly cute, just quite a bit slower to learn about following Mags or learning to stand in the right spot to nurse.

Here is a video of her first attempts to stand last night. More photos tomorrow after my batteries recharge.

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