Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where the Wild Things Are

I'm exhausted today. I can't quite sleep knowing the foal could come at any minute. The neighbor who owns Maggie has reminded us that sometimes, the baby doesn't get out of the sack, and so we hope to be there at the birth. The baby has dropped down, so that Maggie's belly looks pointy to the ground. She looks at us when we peer in at her as if to say "What?? Leave me alone, already."

Lauren found four baby birds dead today, and one still alive, though it didn't make it. At a friend's house, I smiled at the pastoral scene of a bunny running across her yard. Not ten minutes later, I heard one yelp and then a cat, not much bigger than the bunny, dangling the carcass from it's mouth. Today was a rough day for wild things.

I think, however, I am the only person I know that has a chicken in her bathroom at night. Chicken Lickin', rejected by all the other chickens and preferring the company of humans anyway, is taken into the bathroom at night to free the coop for the big chickens to roost. Tonight, we got home late, after chicken bedtime, and the chickens were hiding everywhere. Daisy the dog and I had a good old-fashioned chicken hunt. The fattest, oldest chicken that isn't worth her feed hides best. Tonight, she was tucked under the steps of the back deck, and I had to crawl on my belly through slimy leaves to get her. You can bet that I'm not going to be late again.


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate!! Ryan found a bat drowning in the lake two days ago and we have been reabilitating it. We enjoyed holding and seeing it up close and releasing it into the wild again.
Ryan wanted to keep it as a pet. That would not go over very well in my bathroom!!!

Camflock said...

You are so dedicated to those chickens. The pressure is mounting for when you all travel and we become the pet sitters. I won't be late either 'cause there is nothing I am afraid of more than the dark except --crawling on my hands and knees into darker spaces where snakes and spiders live to find a hiding animal that doesn't want to be found....and might peck at me. Nope! I won't be late. What time is late anyhow?


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