Friday, June 01, 2007

Oh, That He'll Always Love Me This Much

Never again in my lifetime will I be held in such love and esteem by my children. At the magical age of four to five, my son still worships me with an untarnished love. It's not occurred to him yet that I'm as fallible and ordinary as other human beings. The time will come, I know, when my angel wings will lose their feathers, and I will be loved, but not with such devotion. If only I could capture this time in a bottle. Before I break out in my Jim Croce imitation, here are some memories to keep.

"Mommy, you're the best mommy I've ever had!" (Obvious response is that I'm the only Mommy he's ever had.)

"I love you more than the planets!"

"Well, you know everything! Like the names of the treeeeees, and that horses have bones in their tails, and how seeds grow, and that dogs have bones...." (We're all laughing by now, and wondering what it is with the bones already.)

And the best one:
Wm. and I were reading a Berenstain Bears book in which Mama is having a cub. Teasingly, I ask Wm if he'd like a baby brother or sister. "You can't have another baby, I know."

Expecting him to declare me too old, he went on to say that I was "too skinny". Bless you, child! If only I could keep him from growing up!

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Dawn said...

How sweet. We have reached the sad age of 6 3/4 where I have recently heard "Mom, I don't want to hear your voice cheering for me when I hit (baseball). Guys don't want to hear their moms." I tried telling him it was in my mommy contract to cheer for my kids until they are 100 but he wasn't buying it. Of course I still had a glorious moment when he made eye contact with me from first and raised a slight little vicotry wave. He may not want me to cheer but he still wants me to be proud.


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