Friday, June 08, 2007

So Much to Write....

...and so little time. The end of the week, finally, and the end of driving 70 miles round trip twice a day for the Suzuki Piano Institute. I will be happy to drop out of life in the fast lane. Today, after William's last class, we popped over to the zoo for a bit before going back to check out a few of Lauren's classes. At least that was the plan.

Click on the photo to enlarge. Can you find the duck?
(Look above the yellow flowers.)
How a giraffe gets a drink

Another learning for the day: We specifically went to see the new baby elephant born last month. It was noticed that the elephant's teats are not in the back like horses and cows. Would you have guessed? No, elephants nurse in the front, near the front legs. Interesting. Well, only to weird people like me (my children would be happy to inform you).

Our day was going so well. Anna and William decided to take the train ride,
during which we experienced a downpour. William, veteran recently of Kentucky Kingdom, put up his arms and shouted "water ride!" Both got soaked. Not wanting to ride, I escaped by watching from under an overhang. No problem, I'd drive them home, drop them off, and make the return trip in time for Lauren's class.
I didn't factor in the tractor trailer that ran off the highway into a ravine, shutting down the highway for an hour. Wm. worried that we were trapped and would starve to death, sitting on the highway. We finally got through to find our small town overrun with traffic trying to use the back roads.
I did finally get down to pick up Lauren, too late to see the classes. Some days..... Lots to write about Institute and my growing menagerie. Stay tuned...

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Anne said...

I was leaving a friends yesterday and hopped on 71 at exit 18 because so much traffic was backed up from 146 - the ramp was not blocked off. Me and two other cars were stopped and asked to turn around and drive back to the ramp. My kids were freaking out because we were driving down the "big road" the wrong way.


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