Friday, June 29, 2007

Potty Training?

Picked on to the point of mutilation by all the other chickens and missing her neck feathers, Chicken Lickin' is temporarily housed at night in a plastic tub in our half bath. Normally, she spends the night perched on the edge of it. I had put her away for the night when we heard a terrible squawking and fluttering of feathers from within.

Having seen the cat Lazarus with the lust to kill in his eyes when around her, I feared that he'd somehow gotten in there with her and was making his move. Rather, I found Chicken Lickin' inside the toilet bowl and unable to get out. I don't know if she was needing a drink of water or needed to use the facilities. Likely, she was just curious.

Hopefully, the new chicken tractor for the big chickens will be complete this weekend, and everyone will have their own outside accomodations.

1 comment:

lisa-chan said...

that is a really funny story. i personally have only seen chickens a couple of times in my life.

it's too bad lauren doesn't have a blog or something. we had a lot of fun during institute.

thank you for commenting on my blog entry. i hope you didn't find it derogatory towards yourself though. i was referring to a specific someone i heard that quote from.


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