Saturday, September 08, 2007

Can I Help?

Wm. is always at the ready with "can I help?" He's particularly involved at dinner time when there's chopping to be done. "Wait, let me get my 'little knife'" he say, looking for the dull pairing knife he's allowed to wield.

When it comes to feeding our foster kitties, he gives me quite a chuckle. He'll ask, "Can I help you milk them?" meaning, can he help give them a bottle of milk. I am amused with the image of the both of us pulling on the tiny teats of a mother cat to milk her.

Update on the coccoon: It is definitely changing in color and overall appearance. We expect it to hatch Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, go look at my sister's blog and the black swallowtail butterfly they hatched.

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