Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Last Friday, William's friend, Aidan, pointed to a beautiful chrysalis hanging by a thread from a post on our front porch. It looked like a bright jewel - emerald green with gold dots all over it. Later in the day, we saw that it had fallen off the post, and so we retrieved it and put it in a safe bug container.

Googling it, we found out it is the chrysalis of a Monarch butterfly! It is due to hatch, we think, next Tuesday. (That is, if I can keep William off of it. He reported today, while showing to my friend, Becky, that it felt a little squishy. Oh, no!)
Here is a website (by someone else) where you can see it in all its stages of development. I'll post next week if it hatches or not, but we can already see that it is changing in appearance.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Miraculous that you have found and indentified the chrysalis, Cathy. I do hope that it develops fully. Hope that you can capture it on your camera.


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