Monday, September 03, 2007

In Which I Show My Ignorance

Perhaps I've been in KY too long. But no, that's not it, I've never been interested in fashion or clothing. Like anyone, I feel better in nice clothes and like to dress to go out, but to be honest, most of the time, I don't think about fashion at all. I guess that's why I had absolutely no idea what a Coach purse is and (aside from the obvious mess to cleanup) why my friend would be concerned about an egg becoming cracked in one. (My place is the farm where the deed took place.)

In the car on the way to a family golf outing last night, I relayed the story but asked puzzled, "What is a Coach purse?"

"Oh, my God, mom. Everyone knows what Coach purse is."
I turned to my dh. "Do you know?" Yup, he knew. They gave a description. A purse with circles and brown and gold and they cost upwards of $300-$500. I started hyperventilating. FOR A PURSE???

And, I wanted to know, how did they know about this, my homeschooled teens? How did dh? One offered that at the malls....("but you don't go to malls") and in fashion magazines... ("but we don't get any fashion or popular magazines"). Okay, maybe TV commercials. Granted, I watch very little TV, but still, would I have not heard? Dh offered that it was kind of like saying you have a Rolex. Well, yes, I know what a Rolex is because some Chinese guy is trying to sell me one by email. Rolex is a metaphor of sorts for wealth. But Coach? Never heard of it. I guess I am a hopeless case. A chip off my dad's self-admitted "German Deutsch" ancestry. I can only think that I could buy a new computer for the cost of a purse. Amazing!


pita-woman said...

Don't feel bad, I didn't know what a Coach purse was either.
another Deutsch

whitetr6 said...

I knew one and only one owner of a Coach purse. This goes back a while, when to her, this was the only purse worth having. She was a detective for the Cincinnati PD, and the heavy duty leather and quality workmanship made the Coach the only semi-attractive purse that could handle the weight of her service revolver without looking like it was in there. Function beat form in that case I guess. I remember at the time suggesting that I hope CPD paid for it. She just chuckled...

Camflock said...

One might say that you are fortunate not to know what a Coach purse is because my mother has made a habit of "educating" me about these things over the years. Now, mind you, we have never had the money to own any such wonderfully nice items, but I always KNEW what they were. Some parents quiz children about baseball stats, football players or Presidents of the USA, but I always knew "expensive brand names."

Robin Rathmell said...

I can get you one on Ebay for under $200! How about that!

-----------Your cousin Robin

Mary said...

I live in the Los Angeles area. My dh bought me a small Coach purse which I take shopping on special occasions and seldom buy anything. I too am not much interested in fashion. Ordinarily, I have my things in a $20 back pack bag from Lillian Vernon. My M. D. daughter suggested that type when my shoulder began to ache from my shoulder bag. I do know, however, that there are much more expensive bags in the thousands of dollars and that that matters to some air heads here. Not me.


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