Thursday, September 06, 2007

Future Daddies

As a former La Leche League Leader, I don't advocate bottle feeding (and in fact found this week it to be quite a pain to prepare the supplies), but could not help smiling as these boys nutured these little abandoned kittens.
My loving sister was given one apparently abandoned in a barn, and while at the pet store to buy formula, met a woman with two more. Instead of giving the woman the cat she had, you guessed it, she took the other two as well. I guess she and I have something in common - more animals than sense (or cents). Sister then proceeded to leave town for two weeks, leaving the kittens in my care.
The boys were so gentle with the kitties, which burp quite loudly after downing their formula. The boys found this quite amusing. We keep them in a bathroom where they can run around and stay out from underfoot, away from our giant, mean-old red tabby cats.

1 comment:

Camflock said...

Too cute! I wonder if this experience is preparing them for triplets?


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