Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whirlwind Life

Wm held out his hand with a short, brown item and I was relieved to hear him say, "I found another chrysalis." Indeed it was, but I can't imagine that anything pretty will come of it. What kind is it, he wanted me tell him, and when I declared my ignorance, he said, "Well, you can look it up, can't you?" He's learning what I want him to learn - that if you don't know, you can find out.

Wm to Daddy: Why don't you have much hair?
Daddy: I don't know. It just went away.
Wm to Daddy: But you're still handsome, aren't you?

Last night, we went to a reception at a local library for the art studio where Anna studies. Anna had two drawings on display.

Today, I am off to Cincinnati to help box up the house of my aunt and uncle, both of whom died recently. Both people who'd survived the Depression, they were frugal and saved most everything. Some of the things have been most fascinating. I found a blow dryer from the 70's, and brought it home. My girls wondered about the brush attachment at the end. I told them how we used to curl our long hair in a flip along the sides of our faces to the back.

Some things were quite puzzling. Uncle Otis had save a small box with "cicada" written on the top. Inside, yup, a dead cidada. No idea why he'd saved it, no small note to tell us of it's significance.

Though I didn't visit there often, and when I was younger, Aunt Loraine and Uncle Otis usually came to our house, it is a sad knowing that they won't be there and that someone else will occupy the house they'd owned since the 60's.

Farm Notes

Horses 2, Walmart $2 sprinkler 0
Still no rain. Heard this is the worst drought our county has had in 100 years.
Neighbors' dogs, two of them, have resumed sniffing around the chickens in the evening. I'm going to have to complain again.

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The Seasons of Life said...

It is these little moments in time that constitute a well-lived (albeit, whirlwind) life! Yes, I, too, am saddened by the loss of Aunt Loraine and Uncle Otis, and the opportunities I will no longer have to visit them in this life. I wish I had spent my time with them better. But, alas, we will always have the memories!


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