Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Secret Code?

So I had to ask dh if anyone had ever touched his foot while in a bathroom stall. After the recent disclosure of a politician who allegedly was soliciting attentions from an undercover police officer by touching feet and running his hands under the stall wall, I was creeped out enough to wonder if this sort of thing happens often. No, dh assured me, he didn't know of any secret code that implies an invitation. Still, if you hear me yelling "William, are you in there?" very loudly at the men's door (since my five year old is now old enough (he tells me) that he has to use the men's room), or maybe even charging in and looking for him if he doesn't respond, you'll understand.


Mary said...

I also learned at this late age in my life, since I am a female, that men don't talk in the restroom...no chatting or talking to themselves out loud. I have had to talk sternly with Alan so that he won't be singled out as being weird while in the men's room. I'm sure William would figure that out on his own but Alan would not.

Nijole said...

Good post.


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