Monday, September 03, 2007

How to Turn a Conversation

"Skorts" are an interesting clothing item and a throw-back to my childhood. They are meant to look like a mini-skirt, yet have shorts underneath. Both a friend and I, unknown to the other, bought the same skort at a local department store and found that while driving on the highway, we were startled by blasts from eighteen wheelers passing by. Evidently, from their vantage point, the skorts look like we've hiked up our skirts. In our minds, they hit no differently than a pair of modest shorts.

Retelling our conversation to my husband and okay, a little puffed up that anyone would honk at me at my age, he stated that a truck driver would honk at anyone in a mini-skirt. In fact, he volunteered that he would elicit a honk if he donned a skort and a wig and drove down the highway. I laughed at the image at first, but then I got to thinking. "Hey, you mean that your 200 pound self would get the same response as I got?"

"Well, I have good legs," he replied.
"Yes, but, well, you're not built like a woman."

He continued to insist that he would get honks. Next, he'll be telling me that a 400 pound gorilla in a skort would get a honk, too. Men.

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