Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blogging on Blogging

Every now and again, I go a couple of days without blogging. It begins to feel okay to not blog, since I have so many other useful activities to fill the time, like eating and paying bills. I'll get to thinking I'll not write anymore, and see what it feels like. Just about the time I'm thinking I'll quit this nasty habit, someone will mention how an entry made them laugh or how they feel it keeps me more in touch with them. It's hard to resist. Ego is such a small word for such a big emotion.

If ever I think I could become a serious, money making blogger (yes there is such a thing), I visit Notes from the Trenches, who gets as many comments in a day as I get people just reading. That knocks me down a notch. I can see her photos are a little better than mine (okay a lot better) which I suppose would be helped with a digital that you can actually see what you are shooting (my screen is now broken).

Adsense by Google (see ads in the margin) will not be making me rich, despite my grand illusions. In the almost three years I've blogged, I've earned almost $70. I say "earned" though I've not seen a penny. They pay based on the number of clicks on the ads, but only after you achieve $100. At this rate, I only have a little over a year to go and I'll make that $100. Wonder what that works out to per hour?

Perhaps I should count my riches in the number of people that I call friends who I've made smile a time or two.


Mary said...

I'm reading, Cathy, and I am glad you are blogging when you can. I love your photos, too.
I am not in the market for horse hay, though.

Teresa said...

I look forward to reading your blog everyday and am disappointed when there is not an entry for several days. It gives me a little break during my work day. Living almost 2 hours apart, your blog does keep me connected to you and your life. I wish I had the time to do the same for you.
By reading your blog, I have gained even more admiration for you (if that is possible) as you allow us a look inside your life, thoughts, and dreams.
With sincere appreciation,
Your sister,


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