Friday, October 05, 2007

The Missing Link

Perhaps I'll find that it's a pack rat. Yes, that's it - somewhere in my house there is a hole in the wall where this rat lives. In there, he has every pair of scissors that I own, several rolls of transparent tape, my tweezers, about 20 fingernail clippers, all my permanent markers, rulers, the stapler, and added just this week, my potato peeler. Now, tell me, why would this pack rat want a potato peeler?

Unless....No, it couldn't be that a little boy would think that the potato peeler was perfect for peeling the bark off of twigs. Nah. It has to be a pack rat.
Update: If you find the pack rat's hole, could you ask him to return my potato masher, please? I need it to make applesauce.

Bought $40 worth of apples today. Big kids pick fast. I guess I'd better get preserving, squishing, drying apples, or eat a lot.
Photo by Christine
BTW, look at this face. Are they sure it was Eve that did the tempting?

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