Thursday, October 04, 2007


If you have a young child, you probably hear the word "why" more often than a person ought. "Why" challenges my knowledge of the world and stretches my memory to it's limits. Maybe that is why I continue to read a lot and learn - trying to keep up. For example, I bet there's not a mother among us that has not been asked why do men have nipples too? They obviously don't need them. Up until now, I have given the answer that God put them there for decoration. I've got a better answer today!

I've been reading Raising Boys: Why Boys Are Different-And How to Help Them Become Happy and Well-Balanced Men, and in Chapter 3, it says:

It may surprise you to know that all young creatures start life being female. The Y chromosome that makes a baby into a boy is an 'add on' chromosome that starts to act in the womb, to give a boy the extra bits he needs to be a boy and to stop other bits growing. A male is a female with optional extras. That's why everyone has nipples, though not everyone needs them.

Well, that solves that mystery of life!

Farm Notes
I've not even been outside yet.
The chicken coop has been moved, but I need to clean it.
The stud next door was gelded about a month ago, and at night, we hear squeals and donkey-like brays as he and Jorgen determine who's boss.
I need to measure the roof of the shed - it needs new shingles.
The pool, now defunct and empty, is collecting acorns and leaves. I need to dismantle it soon. I look at the decking on the pool and think of building a clubhouse for Wm. Think. Not do.
The days are alarmingly short.


Kristina said...

So, what you're saying is I can stop wanting a girl, because I have 3 with extra bits?

Love that quote. How's the book?

Dawn said...

Ha! I read "the stud next door" and thought you meant a cute neighbor until I read he was gelded although I guess he could have reallly upset his wife somehow. Thanks for clearing up the horse on a laminate floor mystery - good to know.

Jean said...

This is my favorite book on boys and I want to read it again.

Mary said...

For now, our daughter Cate is sure she is having a girl. Why? Because no extra bit was seen on the ultra sound done at something like 18 weeks. Another will be done this month. Then they will hope for a clearer picture...not that the picture was not clear the last time, just that baby was not in a position to clearly see if that extra bit was not there.


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