Saturday, October 06, 2007


Dh says I smell good - I've been working on removing stickers from the horse trailer. I now have a new perfume: Eau de Goo Be Gone. Must be a man thing.

We put up 120 bales of hay this morning. The woman who came with my "hay man" and is his daughter, threw the bales up three high faster than dh and I could stack. "Slow down and let them catch up!" Joe hollered to her.

"I'm almost half-way to fifty," she joked, boasting at her strength and ability, and I guess denigrating ours. She must have thought we were younger than we are, which I guess is a good thing. But a 47 yr old, and a short one at that (I'm half her size) can't sling hay bales like a long shoreman. I'm going to be sore tonight!

Had two horses trimmed. We couldn't even pull the shoes off of Quid, Lauren's horse, because of her terror of the farrier. She even had a sedative. We're going to have to tranquilize her. We're headed now to visit Ginny, who is at a local barn for training.

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