Thursday, September 18, 2008


I can cross "laugh until you cry" off of my "Bucket List". Unfortunately, this occurred during a piano recital Tuesday night. Not exactly a good setting for having the giggles and for having tears streaming down your face, unless you were moved to tears by emotion, which we were not.

The mistake I made was in sitting next to Anna, who accompanied Lauren and I because lacking electricity at home, she thought it might give her something to do. By intermission, she had decided that sitting in the dark wasn't such a bad thing.

The first snort came when the pianist, a emeritus professor of the school of music, ended a piece with what appeared to be a sudden seizure. His hands flew up in the air, his rear left his bench and he shook his head violently. I glanced at Anna and our eyes met. I had to think dire thoughts as my laughter began shaking the entire row of seats. I avoided looking at her until intermission.

He began playing Shostakovitch after intermission, twenty-four preludes. I began counting them off on my fingers like I was saying the rosary. Hail Mary! He was finished. We joined the audience in giving him a rousing standing ovation, reluctantly. I whispered to Anna that if they continued clapping, he would play again. And indeed, he returned to the Steinway on stage. Anna rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, dropping into her seat. Again, I had to fill my head with dark thoughts to stop the laughter that started to bubble up in me. At least, he now played Chopin and it didn't sound as if a cat was wandering across the keyboard.

It was getting later, but the audience again begged for more as Anna begged to leave. The pianist nearly ran the to the piano, showing eagerness to continue to play rather than a humble reluctance to continue to bask in the audience's admiration. After playing the second encore, he again returned to the piano and I gave in. We sneaked to the door, and entering the hallway, let our our breath, laughing that we'd escaped captivity.

Lauren, our pianist and reason for being there, gave us her opinion that he was technically very good, but like us, she did not find that she enjoyed the musicality of the performance. His continued violent body movements were distracting and disturbing to us, who were trained differently. I was vindicated in my opinion. Still, I will take care to sit next to Lauren from now on.


pita-woman said...

Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they were George's girlfriend's recital, and Jerry sat a Pez on Elaine's lap.

Anonymous said...

Mom mom mom! It's "laugh until you cry." :)

Makes me laugh to think of that performance though...but I could hold it in unlike YOU TWO!


Camflock said...

My favorite moment in a movie is from Steel Magnolias, when Dolly Parton's character talks about "laughter through tears." That can be the a very precious type of laughter.

I am still trying to upload the video that made me laugh so hard recently that I had tears running down my face. I'll let you know when my limited ability conquers the techno world and I figure out how to upload a video onto my blog.

Junosmom said...

Bennettgirl: I've corrected it. Thank you!

Pita: I loved Seinfeld but can't recall that episode. I'll have to go look for it online.

Camflock: I could use a laugh. Looking forward to the video - but it doesn't take much to make you laugh until you cry. Laughter seems to be a gift you have!


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