Saturday, September 06, 2008


The last assignment completing Anna's art class asked her to to illustrate a poem about aging or death. Such a depressing topic! I prefer the sentiments in Jenny Joseph's poem, Warning - When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple. I am working on my spitting.

Here is Anna's illustration, though the scan didn't do it justice. (Please respect her copyright on the illustration. Violators will be spat upon and forced to eat three pounds of sausage.)


The Seasons of Life said...

This is adorable. She would make a great illustrator. This looks like the cover of an Erma Bombeck book, or a Red Hats Handbook! Love to Anna and all.


The Seasons of Life said...

P.S. The same verse you quoted was my inspiration for my blog entry here:

pita-woman said...

I agree on the "illustrator". I think junosmom should be writing children's stories, Anna should be illustrating them, and Lauren can be creating the music that goes on the accompanying cd that comes with each book. And Wlm. can continue to provide much of the fodder for the storylines. ;)


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