Thursday, September 25, 2008

This House Will Self-Destruct

It just fell off all by itself. Really, he was just walking up the stairs with his hands lightly resting on the banister when it just dropped to the floor. He was really sorry, but could not understand how it could have happened, given that he had hardly touched it at all.

Given the age of our house, perhaps that would fly had I not, the next night, witnessed him using the remaining bannister, around the corner from this one, like a tow rope on the bunny hill at a ski resort. Leaning back with all his weight, he pulled himself up the stairs, barely able to make the six steps so tired he was from his exhausting day.

By now, I am less reactive to such things. I remember raging at the girls who would turn our van's rear view mirror to look at their own visage, and seeing it come off into their hands. Now, things like that don't faze me at all. I learned to replace hinges on kitchen cabinets which weren't meant to bear their weight as they stood and contemplated the choices of food within. I learned to shop at Valueless City, buying disposable furniture that I plan to replace with my real furniture when I am all grown up. I learned to repair ol' Eugene and be satisfied with the old van, for a new one would mean that I'd have to worry about what might happen to the interior. Someday, I'll worry about home decor. For now, I'll blame this latest destruction on my invisible Chinese adopted son, Not Mee.


Camflock said...

I can still remember my mother asking me not to "hang" on the kitchen cabinets or refrig door. Then there was the hole in the front of the garage when I "forgot" to put the car into reverse. Oops. I left many scars on our house growing up for my mom and dad to remember me by.

pita-woman said...

Am so laughing.
At times, I wish the dogs could talk, just so I could hear them accuse one another of knocking yet another hole in the drywall, or listen to them explain how it really wasn't their fault that the screen door splintered when they slammed into it... it should've been made out of re-inforced titanium to withstand their assaults. Not their fault!
Gotta love how kids think adults will believe anything/everything that comes out of their mouths. ;)

The Seasons of Life said...

Boy, does this bring back memories. So graceful of you to take it all in stride. As you said, dear cousin, you will all to soon be all grown up and can get that real furniture and even display crystal vases and white carpet if you choose, just like a page out of El Decor! But, gleefully, just as you start to wish you could trade that Waterford crystal bowl for just a few minutes of watching your little children play "fort" under the dining room table, in come the grandbabies with their parents tagging along. Maybe Drexel Heritage will have to wait after all. You understand well that "babies don't keep." Have a blessed day. Love, Robin

Arby said...

I need to seriously think about that approach to life. I need that attitude about now.


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