Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You'll Get Yours

Dearest Daughters,

I smiled when you ran upstairs, screaming "Ewwwww!". You thought to escape, didn't you? I wiped your brother's vomit from the floor and my shoes. I cleaned the floor. I held his head when he again gagged and threw up again. I took the trash out so that you'd not have to smell it. Your brother has inherited (that means it is genetic!) a hair-trigger gag reflex, and like my nephew, if they say "I feel like I'm going to throw up", you believe them. It is such a wonderful trait to have. But, I smiled. Your day is coming, my dears. In fact, it is just around the corner. Remember this day. Someday, you'll be me. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Your loving mother


debra said...

Ah, yes, every mother can identify with this. Did it miss your feet as you held his head?

Robin said...

Too funny..had a friend (who was an RN) that had no gag reflex, she needed me to make the "noises" so she could throw up? And then she threw up and my gag reflex would kick in. Very unhealthy relationship!

My SE is a strapping, healthy, hardworking man. But, if he smells something "off", he'll retch for hours! It shouldn't be funny but it is. Had a dead rat in the garage...he told me to "go get it" on his way to the bathroom. He was in there for 45 minutes. Hated it for him but smells will send him running for the toilet more than anything!

Me? Cast iron stomach, unless I smell vomit while making noises to help someone else!

We all have our triggers I suppose! But some people honeslty don't have a "gag" reflex. I'll gag if I have the toothbrush too far back or cough too hard! But smells and dead stuff don't bother me!

But then, I've never been normal!

Sorry haven't visited in awhile...been busy~! Lulu is being rehabbed...but got a new truck (yea!?!?!)

Junosmom said...

Well, which time?
The first time hit my shoes. Second time, despite having a bucket, it went into a towel. Third time, he was right next to the toilet and it still went on the floor and then on my bathrobe. This dry cough is the worst!


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