Saturday, November 15, 2008


Chuck is getting a lot of press on my blog this week. He will be guest-blogging on my My Town Monday this coming week. I wrote yesterday about how he announced to the entire world that I was ancient and "preserved". I should say "Constable Chuck" for in this month's election, Chuck found out the Friday before that no one was running for Constable in his district and that very day was the last to register to be a write-in candidate.

With eight solid votes, Chuck won and is now a constable with the power to....well, no one seems to know. They are researching it at the courthouse. In the meantime, he has been sworn in and shared with me his oath of office taken in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Oath of Office
Do you solemnly swear that you will
support the Constitution of the
United States and the Constitution
of this Commonwealth, and be
faithful and true to the
Commonwealth of Kentucky so long
as you continue a citizen thereof,
and that you will faithfully execute,
to the best of your ability, the office
of Constable according
to law;

and you do further solemnly swear
that since the adoption of the
present Constitution, you, being a
citizen of this State, have not fought
a duel with deadly weapons within
this State nor out of it, nor have you
sent or accepted a challenge to fight
a duel with deadly weapons, nor
have you acted as second in carrying
a challenge, nor aided or assisted
any person thus offending, so help
you God.

Interesting. You'd think that in say the past 100 years or two, that they'd get around to changing the wording on dueling. I mean, gees Louise, who ever heard of people dueling in this day and age? OH, wait a minute. Kentucky, West Virginia (yes, Rod, a nod to you) I guess maybe it wasn't all that long ago. And perhaps dueling has just changed. Now, people can't be bothered to duel properly, with "seconds". No, like fast food drive-through's, dueling is accomplished with drive-by's. It doesn't at all have the same class, does it?

Congratulations, Chuck on your victory!


Camflock said...

Just an interesting side note: Did you know that dueling is legal in Paraguay (South America) as long as you are a blood donor?

chuckmccky said...

KY and WV were not the only states to have considered dueling in their oaths.

The New York Times of February 23, 1906 reported that on Feb. 22, 1906 Samuel Weekley took the oath as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. “In his oath he avers that he has never engaged in a duel or carried a challenge, nor will he do so as long as he retains office.” The dueling oath is reported as still being required for state officers in Alabama. They must swear that they have not participated in a duel since January 1, 1826.

On April 8, 1861 Philemon Cadwell was sworn in as “Overseer of the Poor for the Town of Deerfied (IL)”. He swore, “that I have not fought a duel, nor accepted a challenge to fight a duel”

The California constitution of 1879 provided that any citizen who fought a duel or accepted a challenge to a duel could “not hold any office of profit, or enjoy the right of suffrage.”

The Virginia oath is similar to that in Kentucky. One must swear that he had not fought a duel since July 10, 1902 and that he will not do so while in office.

On January 3, 1887 a member of the Tennessee legislature announced that he could not take the part of the oath that referred to dueling.

I love he Google feature that searches books!

Packsaddle said...

Judge: "Do you solemnly swear that you have never challenged another person to a duel with deadly weapons, so help you God?"

Chuck: "Yeah, pretty much."

Judge: "Pretty much?"

Chuck: "Well, there was that vacuum salesman that wouldn't get off my porch one time...."

Junosmom said...

Camflock and Chuck, Well, now I know more about dueling than I ever thought I would!

Pack: Funny, as ever. I was wondering if verbal dueling counted, since I've seen Chuck do a little of that with customers. Should I notify the authorities? Oh, now Chuck is the authority though. He can arrest me, really. I must watch my step.

Janie said...

If Chuck arrested you, who would serve papers on him for citizen harrassment? ;)

chuckmccky said...

You all won't be laughing when I a mass my fortune form the constable fees:
Making arrest for violations involving a motor vehicle on the public highways $.50
Taking up a vagrant $.50
Killing a mad dog $1.00
Killing and burying a distempered horse, ass or mule $3.00
Killing and burying any other cattle, per head $2.00
Altering a stud, jackass or bull $1.00

Junosmom said...

Well, I know where you can pick up a few vagrants.

And, I know a few asses that ought to be altered. Let me know if you need some work, I'll recommend a few.

And just what will you do with those you arrest? Are you now going to "pack" like Packsaddle?

pita-woman said...

Congrats Chuck! Do you get a county-provided vehicle with lights & sirens?


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