Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not Astronaut Material

Back in the days when I thought I could be or do anything, that is, back before reality set in, I thought I might want to be an astronaut. I love the stars and spent much time looking in a telescope we had, thinking of what was out there. I somehow didn't follow that dream (nor a few others), but after reading this news, I'm quite a bit thankful I didn't.

It seems that the space station's drinking system has a "glitch". The fact that the system recycles urine and sweat makes the problem a tad more critical. Ain't NO way! That and having to relearn to use diapers, no honey, I'm glad to be a housewife. They say in some news articles that the future may hold recycling urine for the masses. I do hope I'm dead by then.

I can just imagine. "Honey, does the water smell a little "off" to you today?"
Dh: I'm sure it's fine.
Me: No, really, it's got a little color to it, doesn't it?
Dh: I'm sure it's fine.
(sound of me, retching)


David Cranmer said...

When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Lee Majors and The Six Million Dollar Man. Being an astronaut, like Steve Austin (Majors) is all I thought about until Raymond Chandler came along. And yes, recycling urine doesn't sweeten the deal:)

Travis Erwin said...

I never had space flight fantasies so no bubbles burst for me.

And how can you not appreciate the humor of Three Amigos?

I bet you like lettuce too.

pita-woman said...

When I was in 7th grade, my geography teacher made us aware that there is "X" amount of water on this planet, and it's constantly being recycled. Basically that we were drinking Cleopatra's urine. Made me very thankful for chlorine. ;)

Janie said...


Just sayin'.

But I think you'd make a fine astronaut, though!

Sepiru Chris said...

Hey, its sterile, but none too good for the kidneys with all those salts...

Hope all is well in Lifetime Learning land. I am guessing that you are sick... I hope nothing serious.

See, people miss you when you aren't on. Of course, people probably miss you when you are logged on too.

Take care,

PS. Pita-woman, I like imagining that I am breathing the same breath that Pythagoras or John Milton or Francis Crick or Marie Curie breathed.


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