Sunday, November 09, 2008

Part of My Menagerie

The Little Chickie that hatched the other day has been soundly rejected by its mommy, despite repeated attempts to reconcile them. Many chickies are raised without mamma and she is doing fine.

At the same time, we have a foster kitten from Animal Control. It, too, lost its mommy early. She was the only one (of four) that survived being dumped. We are watching to see that she lives before adoption (or until we can't bear to part with her).

They are too young to know that one eats the other, normally. As you can see, the two Japanese Chin dogs (I had to put "dogs" 'cause they're so weird looking you might mistake them for hairy rats) love licking both babies. Paris, (on left) might mistake them for squeaky toys and can't be trusted.

Other notes:
Sadly, Clay (rooster) is not going to make it. Though he rallied at first with the vitamin, I think it was too late to reverse the paralysis which now seems to be in his lungs. On the other hand, chicken management has become easier with all the hens in one coop.

It is cold here - high of 45 F. I don't like cold.


Robin said...

That pic was too precious for words! Does your hubby have a brother?! My SE would kill me if I took in every stray animal and loved them the way I want to! But his restraint is probably a defense against my tender heart maybe?!

I Pick them up constantly and call in reinforcements and we get it done! I just dont' bring them home~ But I want too!

You've beautiful dogs, cats, and chickies, how fun!

I just have Bella, but if it was upt to me? I'd surround myself with animals, I like them better than most people! But not chickens sadly, too many natural predators here!

I know, we put the chopper up, I put away my patio pots and porch swing, winter is setting in...I not yike it (as my niece would say!) I would be as happy as a cat on a windowsill if the temperature never dropped below 75!

Packsaddle said...

What the Dogs are thinking: "Hey kitty kitty, did you know cats are considered a delicacy in Southern China?"

What the Cat is thinking: "This ain't China and if you even look at me wrong, little puppies, I'll claw your freakin' faces off."

What the Chick is thinking: "Evolutionarily-speaking, I should be dead within 12 seconds."

What Mom is thinking: "Hurry up and take the photo!"

debra said...

Sorry about Clay...
I got 10 new hens on Friday. I had put a temporary divider in the coop so the old girls could see the new girls for a day or 2 before I co-mingled the flocks. I went into the coop to close the door last night and some were sitting on top of the divider, others were in the nesting boxes on the other side of the divider. So this morning I took it down.


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