Saturday, November 22, 2008

Horse Trading

Ginny is hopefully on her way to a new home today. Ginny is Anna's horse, and let's just say things aren't working out, and she needs a new situation. And we need a new horse. As Anna is riding less, we hope to find a good saddle horse for trail riding that Anna, dh and I can share. A friend who buys and sells horses for a living said he'd be willing to trade us Ginny for one of his stock. Said he had a few good, safe, broke horses we could come see this weekend. He sent some pictures. What do you think? I think there's a horse in my future!

For those of you that are unfortunate enough to live in a warmer clime, it is 16 F (-9 C) here this morning. Very invigorating. If you are a penguin. Which I am not.

I fixed up the heat lamp on the chickens yesterday evening. It is difficult to free range chickens that refuse to leave the coop and sits huddled under the heat lamp.


Junosmom said...

Dh already has a name picked out - Widow Maker.

Jenny Jill said...

We have about the same temps, Junosmom. There is a thin layer of ice on our shoreline.

We also have a cat with suicidal ideations...He has been out traipsing over the VERY thin ice.
Not many horses around here. Lots of ducks, still. The one doesn't seem inclined to go south.


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