Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Economy of Plank Horse Fences

Still wondering about the fence colors? I know you couldn't sleep last night wondering. Why does Lexington paint fences white, while Central Kentucky has black plank fences? I found a reference finally that might tell. It could be that white fences were preferred, a stylish and clean look. Yet read on:

Like the different types of fencing, different treatment options for protecting the wood are available. Paint is the most popular choice, but even with paint there are decisions to make. "Black paint seems to be what most people use. It used to be white paint, but black is more economical now," said Goodell.

"Fences painted black look better longer than fences that are painted white. There are different types of paint to use, too, and you need to be careful when you paint. We have had people use latex paint and spray it on the fences before a rainstorm. The rain washes the paint off. I think it is best to use an oil-based paint or an asphalt treatment that will last even longer, and watch the weather, too. Spraying or treating the paint on a dry day with little wind is the best method of assuring the fence gets the majority of the paint."

White favored the use of white paint on his own farm, but he has switched to black paint as a cost-saving measure. "Black paint does seem to last longer and, if it lasts longer, it is protecting the wood longer," he said. "Most of the posts we use today are pressure-treated, which helps to preserve the wood, but I still encourage our clients to paint their fences and posts shortly after we install them.

So that is the reason for black fences and apparently, even new fences in Lexington are going to the black paint. White fences will likely be visible in areas that have already established that as the norm.


pita-woman said...

Whew! What a load off my mind! :P
I'm impressed with your research!!
Have a happy thanksgiving!!

Sepiru Chris said...

I was wondering, and am delighted to hear more of an answer.

Jenn Jilks said...

Do you have any worries with lead-based paint?

With animals you have to be careful!

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Junosmom said...

PITA and Chris, happy to relieve your worries! Happy Thanksgiving to you PITA. Chris, do you have Thanksgving in HK?

Jenn - Yes, I suppose that paint must be lead free as well for animals. I generally use acrylic paint now. I don't know what is in asphalt sealer (tar). Horses, especially, need to have non-toxic substances as many "crib" or chew at the fence. Fences usually only last 20 yrs or so though, so old lead paint is probably long gone.

Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Junosmom,

Well, Thanksgiving is (obviously) not on the British calendar or the Chinese calendar, so it is not on the official list of holiday dates here in Hong Kong.

Of course the Brits do, or rather, historically did, celebrate a Harvest Festival on the Sunday of the Harvest Moon. Which is where the idea for the American thanksgiving began.

The Chinese have the Mid-Autumn Festival which is their harvest festival. That is on the Hong Kong calendar and is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese (lunar) calendar.

Americans that I know celebrate American Thanksgiving wherever they are found. I actually ran the Tombola last year in Geneva for the International American Club.

In response to your question, though, this year my wife and I did not celebrate American Thanksgiving. And Regina was actually away in China or India (or somewhere) when the mid-Autumn Festival hit Hong Kong.

You have to bear in mind, of course, that I hail from the northern regions of North America, and we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada on the second Monday in October.

Long Answer. My wife just gave me grief for being too long and not chatty enough.

I trust that you and yours had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Presumably the chickens were gloating at the fate of the Turkeys.

Cheers and Happpy post-tryptophan induced snoozing.

Junosmom said...

Chris, LOL, I meant you specifically, not HK in general, but then I also made the (bad) assumption you were American (perhaps based on your word choices) but should have considered Canadian. Yes, I know Canadian Thanksgiving is in October because I read Jenn Jilks blog (see comments above). You and your wife remind me a great deal of friends of mine who live in the Netherlands (minus the cat) and travel the world.


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