Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here's to Us

Next month, dh and I will celebrate our 21st Anniversary.  I have put aside the $100 that I earned as my first true earnings as a writer.  Google Ads, after six years, finally counted enough clicks on ads to send me a check.  I knew that I needed to earmark it, or it will be lost in a sea of plumbing problems and car repairs.

"Have you thought about where you'd like to go for dinner?" I asked.  "Or, shall we not spend it all on one meal, but say spend $50 on the meal, and $50 doing something else?"

"OH NO," dh replied.  He wanted just a very memorable meal?   He laughed.  "On second thought, we could spend $14 on the meal, and then go bowling."  That would be a lot of bowling.   I'm hoping he jests.  He knows I would win.

Lauren found this dead hummingbird today.  Dh said, "You always find the coolest things."  She's very observant, my girl.

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