Thursday, August 05, 2010


Dh:   I wonder how they make this bag.  (He crumples it;  it is very noisy.)
Lauren:  It's compostable.
(Insert discussion about the fact that it can be industrially composted and what the bag is made of.)
Anna:  It's probably made of elephant poo but they won't want to tell you that on the bag.
Learn more about Sun Chip bags.

Me:  William, do you like your dinner?
Dh:  Does a vacuum like dust?

Playing Scrabble Slam, which is very good for William in that the purpose of the game is to change four letter words into new four letter words by changing one letter.  Downside is that without really meaning to go in that direction, you can very quickly cause a mother to lie and claim that "F" can't be used to change the word "duck" into a word that exists in the English language.  Okay, we saw the train wreck coming but it was there before we could prevent it.

Speaking of, the word reminds me of the time my mother, living amongst only adults for years in Texas, came to visit.  She had seen a darling  movie with a wonderful plot about a boy with the dream to become a ballet dancer in an environment that did not nurture it.  The movie was Billy Elliot.  My girls, in tender elementary school years, sat down with mom and me to watch. I began to realize that the Scottish pronunciation of the above word was sprinkled liberally throughout the movie, though not sounding at all like the American word, but with a short "O" sound.

"Mom,"  the girls asked, "what does that word mean?"  My mom, in her defense, was zoned into the story line and not used to being around children for years, had mentally dismissed that the movie had swear words.  I now research all movies myself online!

Ever the optimist, I tried to grill meat again last night.  Dh arrived home in the nick of time to save me from disaster.

It is beyond hot here.

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