Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

Why don't they make Febreeze for dogs?   Instead of washing the stinky beasts, we could just spray them down with Febreeze?  Maybe they do and I missed the memo?

One good point for Facebook:  You know when your teens are awake.  They seem to post there before emerging from their cocoons.  "Oh, she's awake - 16 mins ago."  No longer do you have to go to the room, put a mirror under their noses to see if they breathe still.  Kind of like the next step in remote control.

William:  Lauren, quit telling me what to do.
Lauren:  I'll quit telling you what to do if you quit farting.
William:  (long pause) Okay, I'll keep farting.

How can you cover the floor with pee pads for little rat dogs, and somehow, they still miss the mark?

I have a cold and sore throat.  Why do they call them "colds" when I'm hot?  I am not cold.  I am sick.

When both cars available to me die at the same time, it's a sign from God to stay home.  Eugene is now sporting shiny new brakes and brake cylinders and we are having mac and cheese for dinner.  Dh, well, stay out of his way today.  You know how projects go?  He needed to replace the battery.  Simple job, yes?  Not if the bracket that connects the cable breaks.    Motto:  Nothing is ever simple.

I went from 0 to 100 too fast yesterday and could not sleep for the pain in my foot.  But could not take my pain killer because I'd tried whiskey (to no avail) to try to fix my sore throat.  I tried cough drops, and finally found only ice works, on the throat and on the foot.  After I clean house, I'm going to go horizontal.


Cloudia said...

you are my favorite!

febreeze for dogs, brilliant!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Arby said...

Whiskey and painkillers...a great combination!

pita-woman said...

Well, it's not exactly Febreze, but they do make doggy spray stuff that makes them smell better (somewhat). We've got 2 or 3 bottles in a variey of scents.

As for Facebook, ironic you should mention it, as I was planning a blog on that very subject today.


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