Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Oops," I said, turning off the mustache trimmer I was using to trim around dh's ears.
"What did you do?" he asked anxiously.
"Well, it's only a tiny spot missing hair.  That's why I don't like cutting hair.  I wasn't trained to cut hair and I'm afraid of making a mistake, and ruining your hair and you getting mad...."
"But, You've never done THAT before," he countered.  Dh angled his head in the mirror, trying to see over the back of one ear.

"If you wear your sunglasses, no one will even see it," I offered.
"Gee, thanks.  That will look really cool inside at work."  
Really, it was a small spot.  

Not like the little baby that came in to the volunteer shop with a lawn mower patch across the front of his hairline.  Lacking a stitches or anything, obviously, his sibling had been at work.  

Well, we all have to make sacrifices as we pull in our belts and budget for having two children in college.  Home hair cuts will have to be the norm and I'll have to get better at it.

We  have been looking at older movies to find some that we can enjoy as a family.  Last night we watched Mr. Holland's Opus, chosen particularly because it was about relationships, music and a music teacher, right up Lauren's alley.  Everyone even stayed awake to the end.  What a great movie!  (Note:  It does have the word @sshole and GD in it once or twice, but frankly, he was one and deserved the swear word.  He improves later.)

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pita-woman said...

I liked that movie too!

Oh the many stories I could tell about haircuts, more specifically, my husband's haircuts, some given by me, some he did himself. I've laughed so hard I've hyperventilated, wet myself (tmi), and literally fallen down laughing.

I also remember being at the race track and we ran into my nephew and his father. The boy had obviously tried cutting his own bangs. Not pretty. I called my parents (as my sis lived w/them) and asked if they'd seen his hair. They hadn't and they weren't too happy. A buzz cut was needed to fix the damage, but I couldn't believe his father took him out in public looking like that!
The question is, are you going to trust him to cut your hair now???


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