Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Is What It Is
Coming downstairs, Anna smiled.  "Something smells....."  Her smile faded.  "Tell me that's not dog food," she said, looking at the happily bubbling pot on the stove.

"Yup, that's exactly what it is," I smiled back.  Of course, as dh says it is perfectly good people food, too.  In fact, he said, it is probably what we all should be eating.  With two in college next year, perhaps it will be what we will eat - lentils.  It will be easier.  I'll just cook up a mess of it every weekend and we'll, the dogs and people, eat from the slop bowl.

Note to self
Do not put an egg in your jeans pocket with your cell phone and then bend over to pick something up.  'Nuff said.

At the Zoo
William and I had an hour to kill yesterday, so we dropped in at the zoo.  It is an interesting place to observe not only animals, but people.   For example, a woman stood with her son and husband at the exhibit just beyond the meerkat exhibit.  William and I like watching the meerkat expressions, so we lingered a bit.  I hear, "Oooh, yuck, look at the babies!"  She tells her son that they are looking a the babies of those animals (meerkats) around the corner.  By now, William and I are ready to move on, so as I pass, I casually mention that she is viewing naked mole rats, adult ones, and they actually are not baby meerkats.  She looks at the sign hanging prominently near the exhibit.  She doesn't seem any less repulsed, and maybe more so.

Only minutes later, they seem to have followed us to the gorilla exhibit, our ultimate destination.  
"Look," she points out to her boy.  "Here comes another monkey!"
I sigh.  The zoo is a teaching ground for me for science.  I want to shout, "IT'S AN APE!"
See, no tail.  Monkeys have tails.  I shake my head.  We didn't stay long there.  It is hot outside, so the apes are inside lounging in an area that reminds me of a prison.  I feel sorry for them.

My schedule is crazy right now, arranging my life in minutes not days or hours.  It is all working, as long as there is no emergency, nothing goes wrong.  My heart sank when dh asked me to the barn yesterday, thinking Etta looked "bloated".  It appears my formerly starving horse is just getting very fat on the sugar-rich drought pasture.  We will have to make some changes.

Why do you blog?  William asks me.  He stands at my side while I type.  Waiting.  Wanting the computer to play a game.  When will I be done?  He waits.  He fidgets.  In case you wonder why I sometimes miss a day writing.

Finished watching:  A Man for All Seasons

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