Friday, September 10, 2010

Science Friday

Yesterday, as I sat writing to you, dear reader, I felt something crawl up the back of my arm.  It felt a good deal like a "daddy long legs" and I brushed it off.  To my horror, it was this:

also know as the Rabid Wolf Spider.

I am not particularly fond of spiders, but neither do I have a phobia.  This spider, (Rabidosa rabida) however, exceeded the bandwidth of the size of spiders allowed to crawl on me.  In addition, when I hear the words "rabid" and "wolf" and "spider" all put together on a creature that was crawling towards my neck, you'll have to excuse me for a little squeamishness. Rabid Wolf spiders are not poisonous, "but have been know to bite unsuspecting victims".

It seems this is the spider Anna had reported on Facebook only the night before.  She had found it in her bedroom.  They move very fast, and she didn't know where it went.  I did catch it and release it to the "wild", also known as my front yard.

While painting the fence this past weekend, we found two chrysalides of the Monarch butterfly.  One sported black fence paint before I knew it was there.  I wiped it off and gently removed both to protect them from our painting efforts.  William and I put them in a "critter box", hanging them by the stem with tape.  We will report their progress or lack thereof.  Yesterday, we checked out an armful of books on Monarch butterflies, and we are using this as a unit study.

It is darkening a little already.


Cloudia said...

Oh, I hatched a monarch!

Please show me my childhood days again.

Rabid? Wolf? You ARE a pioneer woman!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

pita-woman said...

Ah yes, brings back fond(?) memories of my Mrs. Peter Wolfspider from a couple of years ago. May she rest in peace.
Currenly, we're watching Charlotte, a garden spider of rather large proportions and vivid coloring. I'll be blogging about her in a bit.
I must say, you're much kinder than I though, if it's found anywhere in my house, much less crawling on me, it's life is over.


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