Thursday, September 09, 2010

This Cat's a Chicken

Sometimes, I am asked if the cats ever mess with the chickens or baby chicks. Given the chance, I'm sure they'd like a little chickie snack, but it's never happened. Want to know why?


Kristina said...

Yup. That's how our cats react, too. Oddly, when we had the puppy for a few days, the chickens were terrified of her, even though she was smaller than the cats, and never barked. All she had to do was look at them and they ran.

Jenn Jilks said...

And they say that herding cats is difficult. All you need is a chicken!!!

Thanks for visiting. Love the cocoon!
A bit busy myself...we move next week.

Leah said...

haha, my dog is an EXPERT cat herder...he spends most of his awake time herding them, and the cats don't mind at all. they just rub on him and lick his nose and eyelids.

we used to keep kittens in the chicken house...they slept in a box with a baby goat next to the laying boxes. never had a problem with the cats and the chickens. did have a problem with a fox and the chickens. And one by one they went until now there are no more chickens.

pita-woman said...

Yeah, that would be me too, running from the chicken! ;)


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