Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Photo Journal

Last week was quite a week.  Adjusting to four days a week of driving for Anna's classes, we were able to also fit in beautiful days in the sunshine.

We started, two Saturdays ago, being race car drivers...

...and secret agents.

On Sunday, we watched crazy people... the Ironman competition who swam in the Ohio River for 2.4 miles, biked all the way from Louisville to ride down my street and back (112 miles) and then ditched their bikes to run 26.2 miles downtown.  We happened to be downtown late at night for Anna's live model class and watched the end of the race.  Some participants were barely upright, with onlookers shouting encouragements.    I, of course could not participate, due to my recent surgery.  And if I did, perhaps I might do it in style as these two did.

We managed trips to two museums...

...and the zoo (though I forgot my camera for that).

We stood in high places.
Look to the right of the middle on the horizon.  See the little black spots?
That is Louisville.

The clouds and weather this week have been spectacular.

Dh and I worked side by side to paint our horse arena with black fence paint.  Which doesn't come off the skin or clothing very well.  After, we sat together on the porch swing with a brewskie and marveled at the beautiful place in which we live and admired our handiwork.  

And then dh said, "I was going to hug you but..."

"But what...?"

"I don't want to get dirty."

And then God smote him:  the eyebolt in the ceiling holding his side of the swing came out, and he fell to the ground.  My side stayed suspended!  Thankfully, he was not hurt.  

All in all, a great, but very busy, week.

Hawk (hen) died after a long and prosperous life.   

We cannot go to Church without snickering at our inside joke.  Our organist/music director is a meek looking young "church lady".  Yet, when someone in our family had to go to traffic school to rectify a speeding ticket, there was the organist.  We laugh that perhaps she was driving along, organ music playing loudly and she got excited, mistaking her accelerator for the organ pedal.  That has to be it.  

Just finished reading Jephte's Daughter, now reading Claude & Camille: A Novel of Monet.

Watched Pillars of the Earth, though I think, as always, the book (The Pillars of the Earth) was better.  Still, it is fun to see what they think the clothing and scenery might have looked like.


Laura Grace Weldon said...

Jealous. I want to be a secret agent and race car driver too! But have to admit, more jealous of the smiting that dumped your spouse on the floor. Oh for a video....

pita-woman said...

OMG! Your husband too? My husband sat down in our swing recently and the fabric had dry-rotted, split, dumping his butt on the ground. I only wish I had been there to witness it firsthand!


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