Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby!

From the first moment I saw you, I knew you would be beautiful, smart, special.

What I didn't know is that I would, as you became a young woman, not only love you with all I am, but like you. Really like you. See, I've been warned all along - "you just wait until she gets to be a teenager". Dire predictions followed about how I would begin to lose you as you asserted your independence through angry words or no words at all. Friends and peers would replace me in your heart.

Somehow, that failed to happen, now you are 16, and I can't believe that I have such a self-assured and balanced, talented yet modest daughter. Again, dire predictions warn about your growing up, learning to drive, moving away from me. And yet, I can only marvel that we've become friends and that you ask me what I think and that we find the same things funny.
I'm not afraid of your independence, of your confidence, of your leaving. I look forward to having this amazing woman you are becoming as my friend. Now, I must quit before my eyes tear up. Oops - too late.


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter and congrats on your wonderful relationship but hey lets talk about the real deal...that beautiful pie.

pita-woman said...

How beautiful! The words AND the women!
But YIKES!, my stomach flipped when I saw her standing on the horse.

Camflock said...

She is not even my daughter and tears are welling up in my eyes too. She is just the most beautiful, talented, well-rounded and precious young lady. My kids are blessed by her often as am I. Happy belated bday Lauren!

pita-woman said...

Question: I take it she doesn't like cake?
I've got an aunt that has birthday pies, and even pie at her wedding(s).

Jean N. said...

Yes, I'm wiping away tears, too, as this is SO beautifully written. I, too, keep hearing all the dire warnings about teenagers and I, too, am consistently pleasantly surprised at my daughter's beauty, grace, kindness and sweetness. Glad my dd has contact with your dd, and that I am knowing you and being moved to tears and smiles by your writing.


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