Thursday, July 19, 2007


Dear StuffMart,

Like the government, you think you are the only game in town, and don't need to respond or react to individual experiences and complaints. It is near to the truth where I live, but I am close to spending precious time driving into the nearby city just to avoid you.

Item 1: Please either improve the ventilation in the women's restroom or provide SCUBA equipment at the entrance. Someone who is clearly in need of medical attention is using it on a daily basis.

Item 2: The crone that works in the toy department is scaring my children. In fact, she scares me. I think she's never smiled in her life. Please transfer her to auto parts or even better, the stock room.

Item 3: Please clearly identify which check out lane has a new cashier. I suppose I should have figured it out by the long line and her muttered curses, and how she was looking around for ANYONE that knew why the cash register was defying her. Please have someone help her instead of coming by every half hour to see if she is okay. She's not. Okay?

Item 4: If an item is on the shelf, and it clearly states the price and description, and it all matches, please don't charge me $20 over that price. Don't expect me to match the SKU number that is written in 0.8 pt type. I'm getting older, and my eyes aren't what they used to be. Neither is my patience with items not in the right place.

That's all for now, as I don't want to get too worked up. But, I'm thinking I might have to go check out the new Costco.



pita-woman said...

Oh, whatever you do, don't, I repeat DON'T go to COSTCO!!! The only two things I've found in that place that are a bargain is the milk and bag of salad. Their selection isn't all that great, and what they do have can usually be gotten cheaper at Sam's (yes, I know, that's Stuff-mart's big brother). And they frequently only have three check-out lanes open, and they aren't express lanes!
They always ask you as you're leaveing if you found everything you needed, I frequently tell them "no", but do they ever offer to make things right for me?, NO, they just smile and tell to come back again.
If you want to check Costco out for yourself before committing to a membership, let me know and I'll take you there on my card (before it expires in Feb).

whitetr6 said...

I feel your pain, C. I'll drive 20 miles out of my way to avoid that place.

George said...

Speaking of Stuffmart, I was there today and out of 6 items purchased I was charged full price for 3 of them that the sign said 25% off all swimsuits and pool toys. I noticed it as I paid and naturally she had to hold up the line while she called a supervisor. Apparently no one notified whoever changes the computer scanners prices.

Camflock said...

I personally love COSTCO! It is a bulk buying place and with 4 kids that works great for us. The selection is slim, but I HATE to make choices. Small pickings works for me. It is my favorite place for churros and pizza. Great deals on fountain drinks too! I love the service with a smile. I have always in 7 years found COSTCO to have wonderful customer service.


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