Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The War on Odor

Dear Husband,

Yes, I'm afraid to admit that one sock was dark grey, the other dark blue. Perhaps I was interupted during my intensive sock matching or perhaps I was engrossed in watching Dr. Phil filet yet another couple that was idiotic enough to submit to his scrutiny. Call me neglectful. Truly, I could not have known that particular pair would be chosen for your overnight business trip.

And yes, I do know that they make you take your shoes off at the airport. It was smart to wear the other pair twice, but again, how would I know your flight would be cancelled. And yes, I guess with a stretch I could see how foot odor after three days in the same socks might be considered an act of terror in an airport.

I promise in the future to match more diligently, or at the very least, to allow you to participate in this very important activity.

Your Loving Wife


pita-woman said...

Maybe we could gather up all the smelly sweat socks from the bottom of the hampers and use those to stink-bomb the terrorists.

Camflock said...

Just wondering are people paid to be on Dr. Phil's show?

As for the socks, I messed up the sock matching enough that now my dh does it himself (or the kids have to do it.) Your hubby is in good company with mine having been at a business function with mismatched socks. :)

George said...

Cathy, Years ago while trying to solve the matching problem I saw on TV on "Martha" to clip pairs together with safety pins when washing, I went out and bought a pack and clipped about 25 dirty pair together and threw them in the washer. When they were done I had the largest ball of socks twisted and tied with each other you ever saw. I think I destroyed half of them untangling them. DO NOT TRY THIS!

Mary said...

Gee, my husband pairs his own socks and packs his own suitcase. Works for us. He never needs to complain that somebody didn't pack right. Mary

pita-woman said...

I want Mary's husband!


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