Monday, July 23, 2007

Small Town Life - Parade

Tell me, what possesses some men later in life? My girls and I laughed aloud at the man standing, who gyrated as if he were in a Chippendales show.

I bet this man's wife is very proud of him.

William would like one of these cars. I think that is about the right age level.

I was most impressed with this dog, who carried the banner for his owner.

Now, I would be embarassed if dh decided to drive around crazily on little motor scooters or gyrated in Arabian costumes. But I would like to see him in this. (He has great legs, and you know what they say about the skirts!)


Camflock said...

While at the RenFair we priced these kilts.....$450! Who knew? Rod wants one. Where exactly does one wear a kilt, expect a parade? As for the dog holding the sign, I agree that looks like the most impressive of the bunch.

whitetr6 said...

I have no such background in my own family, but I'm glad to see when men wear these traditional costumes and play the bagpipes. It gives the kids especially a chance to ask "why is that guy in a skirt?" opening up a perfect opportunity for a little cultural discussion.

I attended a funeral a few years back that included a bagpipe soloist playing Danny Boy. I can still feel the chills from that.

By the way, is that Shriner wearing lipstick?? yikes...

Mary said...

All over the U. S. and Canada the small town parades are so similar to this one, at least where I have been a spectator.
Regarding where a Scot might wear a kilt: my nephew wore one at his wedding, my brother in law wore one to our daughter's wedding when he gave the toast to the bride, I have seen them at funerals and of course Robbie Burns Night suppers.
What many people are not aware of is that Irish people often play bagpipes and wear kilts as well as the Scots.
What was the reason for the parade, Cathy?


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