Friday, July 13, 2007

Watch Your Toes!

Based on a true story told to me by my father-in-law, Norman.

Ready to go to bed, Norman walked over to the kitchen counter to take his evening medicine he'd previously laid on the counter. It wasn't there. Perhaps his memory failed him or his sleepiness made him forget that he'd already taken it?

Shrugging his shoulders, he headed to bed, waking Marilyn, his wife, who was dozing in a chair. "I'm going to bed, Marilyn."

He was only seconds in his bed when a terrific crash and the rattling of pans startled him. In the kitchen, he was terrified to see Marilyn passed out cold on the floor. As she came to, she had no memory of what had happened, but her toe was broken and a nail ripped off.

At the emergency room and after treating her toe, they began tests to determine the cause of her fainting spell. Strong as iron, Marilyn is not one given to the vapors. As the hours passed, they recounted the evenings events, looking for clues. It was then that Norman mentioned that he couldn't find his medicine, and assumed he'd taken it already. Ding. The light went on - Marilyn had taken his medication. One of the prescriptions required the build-up of an tolerance, starting with half a pill at first. She'd taken two! Mystery solved.

Recovered completely from fainting, Marilyn is nursing her broken toe and is hoping that the medication won't lower her voice or cause her to grow a beard.

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