Monday, July 02, 2007

Hi, my name is Milo and I'm a catnip addict.

The neighbor and his son came over yesterday to see the new foal. While here, they discovered that Lazarus was their cat, Milo. They'd assumed that Milo had run off and gotten killed. Milo had lived for a year indoors at their house, which did not seem to tame his wild and somewhat agressive behavior. Perhaps because he was not neutered? At any rate, when they moved here last summer, they let him outside.

I shared that when "Milo" adopted us, we'd assumed he was one of around thirty cats another neighbor has in his barn, reproducing unrestricted. This cat began living in our barn, was suffering from two infections from cat fights, and had already been hit by a car and survived. We'd had him neutered and vaccinated, cured of his infections, and by the end, he seemed happy to stay.

I offered that, given I'd not intended to increase my cat population, only to help a stray cat, he could take his cat home, he declined. I was surprised the son didn't seem to mind. Likely, he'd just come back anyway. I have catnip. It does clear up the mystery of who he was going to visit ( when he came back smelling like perfume. Since he's been neutered and remade, we'll still call him Lazarus.

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lisa-chan said...

that is a really interesting story about your cat... especially the part where you suspected him visiting another woman and hey, what do you know?

we adopted a kitty who wandered into our garage years ago. my dad grew up with cats and never liked them much, thought they were mean, but this cat was really sweet and stayed in our yard cause we'd feed her everyday. now we just have all the rabbits who we are pretty sure come from under the gazebo in our neighbor's yard, but they aren't to be approached. ;)


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