Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who's In There?

In My Crate

We're pet sitting for a neighbor. We took the small kitten home, as she is so young and because, frankly, we enjoy playing with her. She is not at all afraid of our dogs, though I can't say the opposite is true.

The kitty, out of her crate during the day, returned to find that one of our Japanese Chin dogs, Whitney who weighs only 8 pounds, had holded up in kitty's crate.

That wasn't the only indignity she has suffered. In cleaning the litter box, I found quite a bit of wet, and though I've not had a small kitten in a long time and perhaps had forgotten, I didn't think they peed that much.

"Gee, she goes alot," I remarked to my son. I knew something was up when he began to giggle.

"That was me," he admitted.

I cleaned poor kitty's box with strong admonishments to son that kitty boxes were not for humans.


pita-woman said...

That just about tops the pictures he took of himself while urinating.

Camflock said...

What about the trees outside? I guess they no longer holds any appeal?

You need to ask Rod about what happened to him after he decided to pee into the gas stove -- he was 4 at the time.


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